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Why was this product created ? Nothing compares with the intense aromatic notes of an authentic Italian tomato nourished by the soil, the Adriatic breeze and the Mediterranean sun. Distinctive features Our tomatoes are grown in Puglia, where the sun helps them develop to their full potential. Some of our tomato varieties, such as the datterino and cherry tomatoes, are watered with salt water. The proximity with the sea also imparts a unique taste to these tomatoes. Our producer is certified by the British Retail Consortium and the International Food Standard. Production method From the selection of the seeds to the harvest, the greatest care is given to product development. No more than 6 hours elapse between picking and processing. Delays are kept to a minimum and our tomatoes are stored in a shelter, protected from the sun and the elements, so they retain their freshness. The tomatoes are first sorted by hand. A second sorting then takes place, using a laser sensor to detect the underripe ones. After peeling, only the perfectly ripe, oblong tomatoes are canned. Origin In Puglia, tomatoes are blessed with the best growing conditions and soak up the southern IT sun. The proximity with the sea imparts a unique taste to our tomatoes, grown near Lake Lesina by the Adriatic Sea. The artisans behind the product Our producers are above all agriculturists who view working the land as an art requiring great attention to detail. They are the only canned tomato producers in IT who grow their own crops. Uses Ideal to prepare pasta sauces, cherry tomatoes are also easy to use in any of your favourite recipe.
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Weight 0.8800
Length (cm) 7.5
Width (cm) 7.5
Height (cm) 11
Country of Manufacture Italy
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